Error while installing latest RODA 10 on RIO 10.3.2



try to update OpenSSL to 1.0.2 at least.
you can download them at or from other sites

Thank you Evgeny,

Question, where specifically I need to copy these files so they can be recognized. I tried Windows/System, Studio/Bin, Remobjects(Common)?

I noticed that there are already the required OpenSSL dlls on the Delphi\Dcu\D26\Win32 directory with version 1.0.2r.

I think, old version of this dll is already present somewhere on your pc …
can you check with Process Explorer what dll is used actually ?

It sems that onedrive (microsoft) loads a newer version.

If it is already loaded, is a newer version, should it be complaining? Is a requirement to shutdown services that use openssl?


openssl dll from Microsoft can be compiled with another compiler directives and could be incompatible with Grijjy.

if you don’t use these components and have no plans to use them, you can safely remove this package from Delphi IDE.

EMBT gives 2 links where these dll can be downloaded.
see more at