Exception on Sample "RegExpression (VCL)" for Delphi 11 for 32 bit

RegExpression (VCL) 1.bugreport.txt (12.4 KB)
RegExpression (VCL) 1.bugreport.zip (7.2 MB)
RegExpression (VCL) Stacktrace.txt (687 Bytes)

while trying to run this sample (from git repo) with target Delphi 11 and DelphiSupport (from git)
i encountered this AccessViolationException.
Running on win64 is Ok.

Logged as bugs://E26805.

Confirmed, it seems method call parameters get passed wrongly on Windows/i386, so nothing (TObject-wise) will work there. Not sure how we missed that, but I guess no-one really uses 32-bit anymore these days ;). We’ll fix ASAP of course.

For now, stick to x64 if you can — which generally is the best thing to do anyways. it’s 2023 after all. :upside_down_face: