Execute a command from a scripted event?

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My schema has a number of commands defined. I can execute the commands including passing parameter values to them from the C# code. How do I call the same commands from within a server side scripted event? In other words, what is the equivalent of:

        DataParameter[] lParams = {
            new DataParameter ("Branch", Branch ),
            new DataParameter ("CustID", CustID ),
            new DataParameter ("ScaleID", ScaleID ),
            new DataParameter ("LocationID", LocationID )

        Int32 lCommandResult = remoteCommand1.Execute("AddToHoldingBin", lParams);

Thank you!

(antonk) #2


Unfortunately atm it is not possible to execute a Schema command via Script.
I’ll log an issue to review this behavior and to implement this feature if it is possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://78089

(brian71us) #4


I thought I was just missing something, like lda.Execute(“AddToHoldingBin”, params)