Experimental DA/RO v10 release?

I downloaded the experimental DA/RO for .NET Server earlier this week to put on a new laptop, and this morning was going to upgrade my main machine to it, but its no longer available with no replacement. Was there a problem with it? When will the next v10 be out?



Not so much a problem with the build as a side effect of how the per-channel downloads page handles things; right now, if there’s a newer build on a “better” channel (ie Stable), that disabled the older builds on the “lower” channels.

Putting 9.7 on stable had the code effect of doing that, but since thats a one-time thing and will be alleviated once we have the next v10 build (and there’ll be no more 9.xs), I figured it would not be worth changing the website for…

The next v10 build will be this coming Wednesday.

thanks marc!

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