Explicit interface property implementation

I’ve discovered some possibly strange behavior when a class tries to explicitly implement a property for an interface that inherited that property from another interface and I’m attaching a simple example project.

In a Microsoft C# project this results in error CS0539: _ is not found among members of the interface that can be implemented, but in an elements project, it passes and produces a .dll where the property is explicitly implemented twice for the same interface (the one inheriting it is replaced by the one it’s inherited from) which an MS C# project referencing the .dll can (it didn’t in a simple test case solution but it did in a very large solution) see as an error.

I’ll add that this is not an issue we care about, it was discovered sort of at random, just thought I’d point out the inconsistency here.

InterfaceTC.zip (46.8 KB)
From ILSpy:

Curious. this does look like a bug, I’ll log an issue and have that looked at. thanx!

Logged as bugs://E26794.