Failed to compile without reason with the new version of fire


(Aldo Tarquilio) #1

With the latest version I can’t compile anything(copper)… Also new projects are not compiling, it shows some error related to AndroidPack without causes… I reverted to 2275 for now.

(marc hoffman) #2

Without more concrete details or a testcase there’s not much actionable info here for us. Cooper projects build fine for me, so it’s. not a general issue. First of all, Are you referring to .2285 or .2287? Is this a plain Java or an A android project that fails? What is the output in the build log? Can you send me a test case that shows this problem?


(Aldo Tarquilio) #3

I’m referring to 2285 that it’s the latest for fire (at least this morning for my computer)… I tried to build a blank project (Android project) but it fails with “latest build failed on AndroidPack” no other causes… Don’t think I need to send a test case because the test case, as stated, is the blank project

(marc hoffman) #4

.2285 is the latest “stable” release, from last week. 2287 is the latest preview release, from yesterday. That’s why I asked.

Can you turn the build log to Diagnostic, do a build and post the log here?

Also, can you see if .2287 solves the issue for you? (if you don’t have access to that, please let me know your username on and I’ll put a copy up to for you.


(Aldo Tarquilio) #5

Right now I can’t do anything because I’m not at home… Tomorrow I’ll try and post… My username is Aldo_97

(marc hoffman) #6

Thanx. I’ve put .2287 into your account.