Feature request


I know this would probably be completely impossible in VS, but in Water/Fire this could be possible:
I think it would be nice for Baremetal/Native CPU projects to have the “HeaderImporter.exe” tool somehow integrated in the IDE.
A bit like the Mac Fx Importer tool.
Some sort of wizard in the references section of a project would be amazing!
(like select the .h files, then select the .o/.a files and it does all the work)

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Yeah, something we’ve bene thinking about also for Wire and for the Mac importer. the main problem is that usually it’s not as easy as just sl;etig a bunch of .h files and being done, usually you need tp tweak the import script a bit here and there. but we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks, logged as bugs://78063

bugs://78063 got closed with status wontfix.

We now have Import projects, which replace HI