Features for Water/Fire

Good evening guys,

as the title describes, I would really like to add 4 desired Features for Water:

  • Collapsing Methods/Classes

  • Replacing a given XML-signature for a method/class to a place where it is seen at once, I personally like
    how the Lazarus IDE worked this out:

    below in Lazarus

    and the reason I ask for a Change in that direction is just because, in Water I cant sometimes see the whole
    method signature, because ist ridicilously large and so I have to scale Water-window to the max width and still cannot see all :confused: like in the example below

    below in water

  • A Color Definition for all types, because it is really hard for the eyes (atleast for me) to see everything as black for variables and types

  • Last, It would make Water really flexible, when you could implement someday in the Tools->options-> Editor-Settings where you can define nearly everything yourself, like Colors for own classes/external classes, Methods/variables etc…

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So is there really no interesst in even 1 of them?

I could accept that 3) and 4) are disscussable and not a dealbreaker but 1) and 2) would be really, from the optical perspective, a huge plus!

  1. because ist hard sometimes to Keep track of the trillions of functions/classes which are open

  2. even worse than 1) because you have to scale the whole window each time you want to see the whole method-definition, when the method is quit Long.

There’s only 24 hours in each days. We can’t get to everything right away.

  1. already on the list for “eventually”, low priority.
  2. Ctrl+P already shows you the full signatures
  3. typo coloring is not going to happen anytime soon, as it would tie the syntax highlighter to the code model, and make everything slow.
  4. explained elsewhere why this isn;t likely to happen. Fire/Waters syntax coloring model relies on transparency and overlapping colors that are finely tuned to work well together. Its doesn’t let itself to just picking random colors for any given element.
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I am not expecting that :wink:

Much Love to you :smiley: really nice!

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and btw thx for Response, its clear to me whats your plan and why :slight_smile: with water

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