Few questions from Trial user

(Benito T) #21

Not exactly, just reminded one thing. I have mentioned about no storybard synchronization between mac and PC (xcode <> VS). Any change in storyboard at mac, need to use clean in VS project, otherwise VS build apk like nothing changed. I have checked if Main.storyboard is modified at PC and it is. My setup is PC <> Mac via wi-fi. Same with virtual machine with windows on Mac. Please do simple test like add button on viewcontroller, set text to “1”, build at PC and run, back to storyboard and change position or text to “2” and again build and run. I see still button with “1”. If I do clean, then changes are visible.


(marc hoffman) #22

can you retest the Asset Catalog issue with VS in the new beta? we believe this was already fixed for 8.2. For the other issue, id still like to see those build logs, to investigate further.


(Benito T) #23

Problem is that i’m still trial user, so don’t have access to beta versions. I do some application to show result to my boss that is THAT right product to buy. As You know, most bosses don’t have idea about programming, they want to see working RESULTS. So I’m pressured to working 24/24 to learn C#, iOS and have enought time to finish it till trial limit passes. That’s why I find out many small bugs (bacause of time spend on elements).


(marc hoffman) #24

See the link I PM’ed you, it will give you beta access.

(Benito T) #25

confirmed - xcassets fixed !!!
Good work! :smile:


Too fast :confused: There is another issue. Now xcassets are visible, but is not possible to add/move resource image to Images.xcassets direcotry. It was not possible before too. What it cause? Picture cannot be used for slicing (in xcode go to Images.xcassets and AppIcon, select any and select from menu Editor/Show Slicing.) This option is not available for pictures which are not in Images.xcassets directory. It’s fundamental option to create buttons with resizable graphics.
It’s possible to move picture in xcode to Images.xcassets but it create doubled resources, in resource directory and in Images.xcassets. I’ll check if picture is even visible with this trick.


Picture is visible in application if moved in xcode to Images.xcassets and removed from Resources in VS. So is any workaround, but we have no control on them from VS :slight_smile:


(RemObjects) #26

bugs://72652 got closed with status cannotrepro.

(Carlo Kok) #27

All I get is this:

 error Link: Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
  "_OBJC_CLASS_$_CATransition", referenced from:
      objc-class-ref in UniversalApp3.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7

not an internal error?

(Benito T) #28

add QuartzCore to references. I reported this before that compilator do not show missing reference, but trying to access to reference method anyway.
btw. which one bug You trying to reproduce?

(Carlo Kok) #29

Right it does fail to link (and I’ll look into that). What it doesnt’ do is show an internal error or crashes. How do I get that to happen?

(Benito T) #30

Sorry I’m lost. I mean what code You trying to reproduce bug or You mean bug with not show/crash when QuartzCore is not added to references? :slight_smile:

(Carlo Kok) #31

I’m trying to reproduce the crash yes.

(Benito T) #32

Ahh I read my first post, because it was 5 things. So crash not always happen. It crash sometimes and it must be related with this:

and this:

In both cases it’s memory leak problem and at some stage VS just crash. I realized it later, so at day when I create this thread I had internal error and sometimes crash. You cannot reproduce crash, because is random. Try first do leaks (second link - there user attach video) and after try to crash VS


(Carlo Kok) #33

Ah ke. Very likely those are related yes.

(RemObjects) #34

bugs://72576 got closed with status nochangereq.