Field not found when DA is a stored procedure without create the fields in component

Hi support,
I found DA has an error when using the following code without create the fields in component and it has Master-Detail feature. “sp_SPOCarton” is a SQL Stored procedure.

sp_SPOCarton.Active := false;
sp_SPOCarton.ParamByName('Lang').AsString := SYS_Language;
sp_SPOCarton.ParamByName('PackOrder').AsString := hrdGuid;
sp_SPOCarton.Active := true;


If I remove Master-Detail, it is normal.

I also found the other problem. If hasn’t create the DA’s fields when use FillWithDASql, CalcFields event also doesn’t work.


Master Details feature requires table fields because it applies additional filter to detail table. if fields is empty it raises error.

as a workaround, you can call table.LoadSchema before opening table. it will fill table fields

as expected.
the OnCalcFields event is called only when calculated fields is detected in table.Fields collection

Hi, would you enhance this on next version?


m/d feature doesn’t work with empty fields. it is as designed.
this isn’t DA error.

this should be fixed on your side.

I tried it doesn’t work.


can you create a simple testcase that reproduces this issue, pls?

you can use PCTrade or Simple SQLite DB from C:\Users\Public\Documents\RemObjects Samples\Database

Can SQLite support stored procedure?


you can use any DB but I need DDL script for your DB too.

this DDL should create stored procedure [and required tables] and fill some test data to those table(s)

Noted. I will prepare simple test case for you when I have time.