Fire .2345, E: SDK 10.13 not supported by Xcode 10.1

(John Wiederhirn) #1

Empty Oxygene project changing project SDK to 10.13 causes build failure with error “E: The selected SDK version ‘macOS 10.13’ for target 'Toffee-macOS is not supported by the active Xcode 10.1.” However, OSX10.13.6 running Xcode 10.1 is a working combination. How to resolve?

Perhaps related, running macOS 10.13.6 here, but latest DL’able SDK from RemObjects is 10.13.5. Also, once SDK is DL’ed is there a way for Fire to import the DL’ed .fx files, or am I just supposed to copy them manually in with the rest of Fire’s .fx files?

Repro steps:

  1. Launch Fire, create new Toffee DynLib (macOS) project.
  2. Build (note successful build).
  3. Use Project Settings to change Project SDK from 10.14 (default) to 10.13.
  4. Build (receive error mentioned above).

Expected Behavior: Fire should properly build after switching project SDK to 10.13 even with Xcode 10.1 installed.


(marc hoffman) #2

to build for 10.13, you need Xcode 9.x. Xcode 10.x only supports building for macOS 10.14. (Elements will support either, the limitation is in Xcode). Do you really need to build for 10.13 as Target SDK or do you maybe just want to set the Depolyment Target to 10.13 (or lower) so that your app can run there’s even when built for 10.14?