Fire 2425 no No macOS SDK version was found

in the latest from today seems something wrong with
the Sdk…
E: No macOS SDK version was found that is supported by the selected Xcode 10.3 and local .fx files.
macOS 10.14 is not there

hmm, curious. you can download it manually from for now.

Have found a Solution :slight_smile:
need to import the macOS 10.14 for Island. (because it is missing in Fire and external)
But the header importer will always put the result in a
{myExternalElements}/Toffee SDKs/Darwin folder. :sob:
This happens for Import Cocoa and Island
need to manually copy it at the right place in case for Island Import to
{myExternalElements}/Island SDKs

funny writing at the moment…

Oh, this is Island, yeah, we don’t have downloads for island yet. and, confirm,ed that the file is missing. fixed for next.

Oops, will fix.

just in case: