Fire: Android project, endless folders in some res folders


(Benoît Bousquet) #1

Anyone else seeing this? Used the default Silver/Cooper Android template and most of my drawable-* folders have this endless folder in them (this is just a display issue it seems - that empty subfolder does not exist)


(marc hoffman) #2

Sounds like a bug with live folders — a test case would be appreciated, and I’ll have a look tomorrow.

(Benoît Bousquet) #3

2361 exhibits a similar behavior but it seems to be intermittent (and usually happens after I drag & drop a file into, say, the drawable folder).

Furthermore, I’m seeing duplicated entries in my Android res folders:

I’ve also experienced weird behaviors as I renamed some of the files but that might all be tied into the same issue.

(marc hoffman) #4

Reproduced the dupes, will fix. I’ll need more details/a reproducible case for the other part :frowning:

(marc hoffman) #5


(Benoît Bousquet) #6

Duplicates seem to be gone so the fix looks good.

Question, why are some files in grey while others are black in the project pane?


(marc hoffman) #7

the /res folder in an Android project is special, in the build will copy every file in the folder hierarchy, regardless of what files actually are part off the project (ie have an entry in the .elements file). Fire reflects this, by also showing you all files it fits on disk in these folders.

The ones that are officially part of the project are black; any other ones are gray.

(Benoît Bousquet) #8

Got it. I attempted to drag & drop the files from Finder to the project pane, hoping they would go from gray to black: they did not (I had to remove them from the project and add them again).

Regarding the endless subfolders showing up: it was fine 2 minutes ago but, after dragging and dropping the files (see above) the drawable subfolders started exhibiting this behavior:

Restarting Fire seems to make things normal again.

(marc hoffman) #9

could you do a quick screen video capture to show what exactly you are dragging? thanx!

(Benoît Bousquet) #10

Well, I ended up with a 150 mb movie file (125 mb using HEVC). Not sure that’s practical to attach to this thread.

I started off with a basic Cooper/Silver template project (Android Application), copied a new android-xml file to its res/layout folder, dragged said file to the project pane’s res/layout folder. The file was correctly added but the project pane’s drawable folders gained a new black subfolder icon above their icon.png file. Removing the added android-xml file and adding it again made things worse (2 subfolder levels plus that black one).

(marc hoffman) #11

Can you share a drop-box (or similar) link?

(Benoît Bousquet) #12

I just emailed it. The attachment should be available via Apple’s built-in MailDrop feature. Tell me how that goes.

(marc hoffman) #13

will have a look in the am, thanx!