Fire convert file

I am trying to convert a swift file in Fire in SharedProject:

import Foundation;
public class MySharedFile {
    public static func Hello() {
        print("shared library");

Then i can select swift files in Finder

When pressing Add & Convert Files nothings happens - and cannot find any new files anywhere?

Hmm, This sounds like an error during conversion. Can I see the exact File(s) you are trying to convert? Do you see any error messages on and/pr the Activity window? Also, what version of Fire are you on, the latest?

I am on 2667

There are some trouble happening when creating Shared, SharedProject

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 16.28.17

When I hit create project, in the Finder window

… I think I ignored the warning and opened project at first. It could be the reason convert did not work.

Everything seem to work if you create a solution with a different starter project, including the convert.

Hmm, does this happen every time, or just this once? I cannot reproduce this here. If every time, can yu see if there’s a more detailed error message in

can you send me the exact propject/solution where the conversion fails? thanx!

It happens always when selecting SharedSharedProject and in the Finder windows click Create Project

The error log with looks like the following:

log.txt (444.6 KB)

paused when the Window appeared

Hm, i’m afraid i can not reproduce this here, but i have an idea what might be causing it. if you uncheck “Use Elements RTL”, does the error go away?

Yes that made it work.

If understand correctly I am only able to convert projects that are non SharedProject?

Maybe ignoring that RTL checkbox error before made it so that I was able to press convert Shared Projects…

Okay, cool. fixed for the next version.

You need a real project for any kinds of IDE smarts, yes, Shared projects are just a container for a set of files to share between multiple “real” projects…