Fire - Dismiss Call Stack Pop Up On Unit Test Run

Anyway to prevent this call stack pop up from appearing and halting all the tests I run?

Can I just have them run and provide the call stacks for each, instead of having to dismiss these dialogs individually before proceeding with the debug session?



these options doesn’t seem to change anything

You’ll wanna turn off the “Stop on Other Exceptions when Testing” option in the “Debug” menu, to get that behavior:

These are not fully hooked up yet, no. Right now, only the first option works, you can only set a given Exception type to be ignored forever (until you reset it in Debug|Manage Exceptions, of course), not with granularity of per solution or Message.

It’s on my list to get those hooked up, but it’s tricky how to integrate this with the existing Exception manager UX, so I’m still brainstorming on that. i should disable the other options for now…

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