Fire generate code files duplicate interface files

All the interface files generated for RODL in fire goes to root folder.

For order reasons I move that file to subfolder.

Left click to rodl file ->generate code file create again the finite file on root folder.

Will be great if the detect the file already exist in the project and don’t duplicate (as happens in Delphi).

Best regards.

Can you not report RO/DA issues as Fire issues — it really makes issue triage difficult, as totally different teams handle RO/DA vs Fire. Reporting a RO/DA bug as a Fire bug means the RO/DA team will ignore it until I get anon to seeing and re-classifying it.


That said:

this is as designed, and won’t change. The IDE matches/nests the files based on being in the same location and having the proper file extensions/suffixes, and that can only work if the files are in the same folder. Don’t move those files, or if you do, move the .rodl file with them.

Ok.IMHO Delphi/DA manage better this.

Can’t move RODL files because they are in another folder, in a Delphi project folder. Rodl files are not in ROOT folder either, so I cant understand what solution are you proposing , sorry. :man_shrugging:

Not better, different.

Agree my friend, note the IMHO at the start of the phase :wink:. Flexibility is better for me, even more when you have to manage so many platforms this days.

Best regards.