Fire IDE support for ToDos?

Is there a way in Fire to mark a method or class definition as TODO? For example, sometimes I have a placeholder method that I’ll get to later. Does Fire support someway of marking this so it can be flagged as a warning or hint by the compiler when I press ⌘R to run?

We don’t have a separate #todo directive; me personally, i usually just use #hint for that?

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Fantastic. Works great.

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure if the docs need updating here to give an example of the easier syntax. That page suggests:

[Warning("Foo is not implemented yet, sorry")]


#warning Foo is not implemented yet, sorry

Works just as well and seems more readable.

Well, these two do very different things :wink:

#warning emits a warning right then and there (same for #hint and #error).

[Warning] annotates a method or type, so that a warning gets generated when you use it (which might, e.g., be from a different project.

For example, there’s a few methods in Elements RTL that aren’t implemented for all platforms yet, and they are annotated with [Error("not implemented...")]. That code compiles clean without an error, but when you now try and use that method, you get the error.

The #warning & Co compiler Directives are documented here: