Fire UI issues

(nader shalabi) #1


I am having some issues with Fire UI (build as per the attached.

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(marc hoffman) #2

if you are referring to the highlighted spaces in the log, that’s because it looks like you have " " set as the search term, so every occurrence of that is highlighted as a search result.

(nader shalabi) #3

Thank you Marc,

True :sweat: (how embarrassing) I removed the space in “Find”, however, this is a new installation of Fire and I just created a project without any editing yet.

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(marc hoffman) #4

Fire uses the system-wide search pasteboard that syncs the search term between all apps on macOS. you probably searched for space in some other app, or some other app set this on its own…

(nader shalabi) #5

Thank you Marc :pray:

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