Fire, what's that "**" item in a .NET Core / Razor project?

I’ve created a new Oxygen project using the .NET Core Razor template and found a strange item in the wwwroot folder, named “**”. Is this right and, if so, what its use?


Fire, and Ebuild support a certain setoff wildcard files in the project.,

  • Include="*.x" includes all files of type ‘x’ in the current folder
  • Include="*" includes all files in the current folder
  • Include="**" includes all files in the current folder and its subfolders

the way Fire and Water show this is that the show both the wildcard as it is in the project (the “**”), and the files that it added automatically (eg “favicon.ico”, “css” etc). You will notice that you have no options to modify settings for or remove the other files on right-click (because they dont have a dedicated entry) in the project), but you can right-click the “**” to modify or remove the whole tree,.

does that make sense?


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Yes, certainly. Thanks.

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