Fire with external Mac

Is there any way Fire can be used with the Xcode toolchain living on a separate Mac? (As things work with Water/VS with the server on a Mac). The dropdown on Fire just contains “Mac” Just curious as I have an older iMac that can’t be upgraded to the latest macOS/Xcode, and on which I’ve run Fire before, but I have access to a Monterey MBP on which I can run the latest Xcode. Of course I could just put Fire on the MBP instead but I like the big screen, etc… (using it via screen sharing from the big Mac is also an option, I suppose…

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Currently, we don’t support that, but i can have a check next week to see if that’s a mere formality to enable, or if there was a technical reason (beyond “why would you need this?” :joy:) we don’t have than enabled…

Thanks. If Apple still made a 27" iMac I would have just bought one, but they’ve gone and made that route more complicated. My old 27" late 2013 iMac is fine for most things and I happened to have that 2015 MBP that does run Monterey.

Aside altogether from the cost of a new machine, there’s the days and days of configuration. And now since all the new Apple hardware is M1-based, I’d have to rebuild all my Parallels Windows Intel-based VMs (where I run Delphi).

Not a huge deal but I figured I’d ask.

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I can probably enable remote debugging for plain executables from Fire, but not for App bundles (as the reason this isn’t supported right now is that the code that uploads those runs natively in Fire, and doesn’t have access to (.NET/Mono based) the SSH stack that the debug engine uses. For single executables, I can fall back to the debug engine).

Would this be helpful to you at all (if so I’ll look at enabling it) or not (if you’d need .app debugging, this wont be useful for you, so I might not bother at all at this stage).

I will log a more long-term issue to implement native SSH support in Fire so this (and some other scenarios) can be enabled…

Thanks for looking. Don’t spend the time for now, but it might be useful eventually.

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