"Firedac datatype (Single) is not supported by DataAbstract"

Maybe the reason for my problems is this error: “Unable to obtain Target Table metadata from connection XXXXXX: Firedac datatype (Single) is not supported by DataAbstract”.

First time I got this error. It’s crazy with SQLAnywhere.NET no such error with this special table but others like “not able to migrate …” or just gives an validation error in schema modeler.

Any workaround other than manually build the SQL and add it to schema modeler?


this error can be fixed via editing uDAFireDACDriver.pas:

function MapAD2DADataType(AADDataType: TFDDataType; out ABlobType: TDABlobType): TDADataType;
  dtDouble:        Result := datFloat;
  dtSingle:         Result := datFloat;  //added

and rebuilding DAFireDACDrv.dpr . created DAFireDACDrv.dad should be put to C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract (Common)\Bin

Logged as bugs://D19310.

After applying the fix cannot add any table to a schema

Every table in connection manager shows an exception " Access violation at address xxxxxxx in module ‘RemObjects.DataAbstract.Unmanaged.dll’ Read of address 00000000"

Changing back to the previous/original version of DAFireDACDrv.dad schema modeler works as expected.


can you share DDL script for creating this table, pls?

You can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy

All tables are on AutoSQL.

Every tablename in connection manager I dblclick on has a red x in the lower left corner and hovering over the tablename a floating hint window displays that exception. Cannot add any table to schema.

I’ll try to make a screenshot with that hint window.

Edit: Mail sent with screenshot support@

bugs://D19310 was closed as fixed.