First Mac App compiled successfully! But text field is invisible ... :-/

I followed the Your First Mac App with Fire [tutorial (Your First Mac App with Fire) in the RemObjects documents. Although the XCode interface has changed quite a bit since the tutorial was written, I was able to figure out where the requisite interface items have been moved to. The app ‘works’, but the text field is completely invisible. I did do a search on this issue and it may not be due to Elements Fire :nerd_face:

This sounds like an alignment issue. are you using struts to establish the position of elements, or auto-layout? can I see the final xib (or full project) that you ended up with, so see if I can spot the problem?

indeed it most likely is not. :slight_smile:


I don’t think I used springs or struts for layout. But, here’s the project folder for you to take a gander. Thanks for taking a look, Marc! :nerd_face:

Ah yes. you are using auto-layout, but aside from having the controls centered, you have no constraints set, so at runtime it will throw them wherever it fits…

Auto-layout xibs aren’t like Delphi VCL or WinForms, where you drop controls and they stay at their exact x/y coordinate.

You will want to, in this case, set a top space and bottom space constraint on each of the controls. to attach the first one to the top edge, and attach each following not to the control above it.

note the two blue I-beam lines on the first label. I added these bay opening the constraints popuop at the bottom, and then clicking the matching two I-beams in the popup (optionally, you can adjust the spacing there, as well):

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Thank you Marc! It’s working now :slight_smile:

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Happy to hear!

I should probably adjust the tutorial. it predates AutoLayiout being the default… :wink:

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