Fixed: Wasm test fails with Null Reference

The test is doing absolutely nothing:
And still it fails

Project to reproduce: WasmIssue (1.6 MB)

Build log: WasmIssue 1.bugreport.txt (21.9 KB)

Print screen:

Note that EUnit won’t work on WebAssembly until we have Exception support — with AFAIK still isn’t shipped in the official browsers.

That’s of course separate from this issue, which I’ll look at.

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WASM Exception support is already there - Chrome and Edge 95 have it.

See: Roadmap - WebAssembly

This displays in edge on my machine:

Fixed for vNext, or you can grab EUnit from GitHub.

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Thats no good, though. as soon as we enable support for it, WebAssembly will stoop working in all browsers that don’t support it yet, unfortunately.

I’ll discuss with Carlo if we can make it an compiler option.

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