Font Sizes

I have a 43" monitor 4k native resolution.
The description in settings are really, really small.
Also it would be nice to set the font size in sidebar.

The selection is also too dark in dark mode.

I’ll have a look at the selection color in dark mode, that is weird.

There’s no plans to make the main UI of Fire user-scalable at this stage, as these are all standard font sizes, and this is not really a common (and easy to do) thing on macOS. The “Larger text” option in Display preferences should be used to scale the screen, if the default resolution is too small…

That said, the default/standard for a 27" screen on macOS is 5K (e.g. iMac, Studio display). So a 43" screen with “only” 4K seems already zoomed up quite a bit from what is standard — and its still too small?

Selection in dark mode
It was something I mentioned, when I took a screenshot. Now I tried to reproduce and the selection font turns black, when the sidebar lost focus.
Nevertheless it shouldn’t be like that :wink:.

Font size
Doesn’t really matter in sidebar. But the description in settings (I marked on the right side) is very small. But it’s ok. I’m sure, you have some more important things to do :grinning:

Thank you very much looking at it.

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It’s wrong (black on dark) for the selected note when the tree view does not have focus (reproduced).

Logged as bugs://E26454.

bugs://E26454 was closed as fixed.