Force the existence of TROComplexType class attribute in codefirst servers definition

according to
Defining Code-First services (Delphi) (

A class is considered as a Code-First Structure definition if these conditions are met:

  • The class is inherited from the TROComplexType class directly or indirectly
  • The class or any of its ancestor classes is used as data type of a parameter in a service or event interface method, or as a data type of a Structure or an Exception property

Does a code annotation exists to force any class TROComplexType descendant to be created in generated RODL to be used as property attribute of HttpApi Result?

Thank you


it depends on your service definition:

  • if you specify MyComplexType as a result, it will check for all used MyComplexType descendants
  • if you specify base TROComplexType as a result, it will check for all used TROComplexType descendants, including internal ones.

Thank you Evgeny,

even if my case is what you described, that property didn’t appear as result.

I’ve just found the nature of my problem: that property was a readonly property and, to correctly works, it has to be a read-write one.

Thank you very much


I’ve added this line to docs:

  • only read/write properties are supported