Functional Pascal

Do you guys at RemObjects see the need to make Pascal functional, like the new breed of functional languages coming out?

We’ve tought about this a few times, but never pulled the trigger. What would you like to see here — a separate language based on Oxygene syntax but truly functiional, or (smallish?) tweaks/extensions to the existing Oxygene language to let you use it in more functional ways?I’d love to hear your ideas.

I separate language based on Oxygene syntax but truly functional.

something like Elixir which runs on the beam vm.

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A language that could utilize all the backend infrastructure you have so that apps for .NET or JVM or native apps could be produced. I personally like F# as it is a lot cleaner compared to other languages I have seen.

I also would like a truly functional language, would be better than plugins to make Pascal functional. A language based on existing language will allow a lot of existing libraries to be ported easily.

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