General error occurred while accessing the server Schema


(brian71us) #1

I finally got the schema cleaned up to only have the two tables that I need (see my previous post).

Now when I try to update the TableDefinitions_XXX.cs file the tool reports “General error occurred while accessing the server Schema”.

The server is running on my local PC and the properties that I’ve filled in are correct to talk to the server. Just to be sure I tried turning the firewall off temporarily but no dice.

I used TCP instead of HTTP and set an AES Password.

The client application seems to be able to connect. That is, I don’t get an exception when I call the DataModule class’ LogOn method.

(antonk) #2


I first I have to mention that AES provides insufficient security level. The same AES password is shared across all clients so it is possible to retrieve it and to use it to decypher all client-server traffic. You need to consider using TLS instead.

Have you provided a correct AES password in the corresponding field?

Put a mouse pointer over the “General error occurred while accessing the server Schema” message and you’ll see a hint message containing full exception information. If exception message is something like “Unsupported Bin message XXXX version found: 107 is the latest supported version.” then the AES password you provided is incorrect.


(brian71us) #3

It must have been something up with VS2017 as it is working today.

How do I implement TLS?