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we are creating a pretty large project using Unigui (Delphi) and are using Firebird as a database.
This is all server based with a direct connection to the databases (one for each customer) using IbDac for the moment.

Now we have the question to create an additional client (plug-in for Outlook) in Delphi.
For this I would use DA that connects from the client to the correct database on the server.

I was thinking to use Relativity Server for this on the server side, but I’m a bit unsure about the support for Firebird in Relativity, I would prefer to use a custom server created in Delphi.

So my questions are the following:

  • How is support for Firebird in Relativity, I’ve tried connecting with a DA version of about a year ago with a Firebird 3 database but without luck
  • If I would choose to create a custom server using IbDac, do I need to create a server for each database (more than 100) or can I have 1 server service that connects to different databases? If that’s possible, is there any document explaining how to create this?



We are not aware of any specific issues with FB 3.0. Al long as there is correct driver dll provided Relativity can talk to FB 3.0 without issues.

Theoretically you can manually acquire correct connection based on some value stored in the user’s session. F.e. you could set DataService’s property AcquireConnection to false and set a handler for events ValidateDatasetAccess and ValidateCommandExecution. There check if self.Connection is assigned and if it is not then acquire connection using a call like ServiceSchema.ConnectionManager.NewConnection(lConnectionName);

Connection will be auto-released on service deactivation, no additional code needed.

Thx Antonk,

which way would you walk (custom or Relativity)?


Well, it depends.

If you need quick deployment and do not expect to have any custom code if the data service (just plain data access) the Relativity is easier to use.

In case you server needs a custom service / additional methods that you’ll need to use a custom server.

Note that transition from Relativity to a custom server is quite straightforward and can be done literally in a couple of hours.

Anyway you could start development phase using Relativity server. Pros are that you can update used Schema without rebuilding / restarting the server

will try the second option.
If needed is it possible to call help from RemObjects (payed if needed) as we have a large number of companies depending on the software?


My gut feeling is, that if you have many databases wand what to swizzle connections based on who connects, a custom server is your best choice, because that gives you all the flexibility to handle that on Login (or elsewhere).

Yeah. Relativity Server won’t allow you to switch between several connections based on user being logged in - that’s a task for a custom server.

Please send a mail to sales@

Btw we have a thing called ‘Premium Support’:

Yeah, we’d be more than happy to work something out. You can message me directly, or write to sales@ as Anton suggested, and we can figure to what you need.

Thx, will give the custom server a try and if not working, I will be back in touch with you guys :slight_smile:

Will upgrade also today, expired license since april.



Excellent, much appreciated :slight_smile: