Generated code for remote project references


When importing a framework an fx and associated .pas file with all the class definitions is created. When its a remote project reference to an import project I assume these are also created somewhere ? I used to be able to view the class definitions from Fire but this no longer appears possible when its a remote project reference.


That’s a project option, yes.

once pulled, the project s built as always, yes, so the code file should be built as well. Note that remote references to not get the last deployment phase to (their own) ./Bin, so all their output will live only in the ./obj folders (and of course, where applicable, in the ./Bin folder of the final project that references them).

Hm. Fire expects the .pas/.cs/.swift/.h file next to the .fx (which should be the ./obj location in this case). Can I get a simple (meaning not containing 68 projects.:wink: test case that sows this where the Genettae Code option is set yet it doesn’t show in the IDE? thanx! (180.3 KB)

Its set inside the import solution on github but doesn’t get carried over.

Actually its related to the other bug I reported. When the references are properly resolved it works.

Well, that makes sense. until the reference is resolved, how would it find the code… :wink: