Generated interface for PHP


I using RemObjects SDK for Delphi.

I generated interface for PHP .
In the past, with older version of PHP all is fine.
But when PHP is updated to 7.4.14 for example is not working anymore.

$SessionId is not filled properly and server method is callwing with wrong session.

Other issues:
For generated lines:

$___msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($SessionId, “string”))

missing ‘;’

Is need to use “” in compatibility mode and is need to be added

But for $SessionId I don’t know what change I will need to do.

I assume thins with just updating top new PHP, and not changing the Remoting SDK version (not that I believe PHO codegen has changed ion a while)? If so it, sounds like there were some breaking chnages in PHP 7.4.14 that we’ll need to adjust to. I’ll log an issue for there Remoting SDK team, thanx!

Thanks, logged as bugs://85695