Generic methods in code completion


Would it be possible to display the generic type in code completion

I have a method declared as

method &As: Autofac.Builder.IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit,TActivatorData,TRegistrationStyle>;

All I see in code completion is the method As, If I then select that and do As. and request methods again it says ambiguous call to overloaded method.

Could you display As<TService> in the dropdown ?


can i get some more context? is the when invoking CC on a concretely-typed instance? (857.1 KB)

If you look in the MyBootstrapper class I have this line

  builder.Register(r -> new SomeService).As<SomeService>.SingleInstance;

If I ask for a list of methods

IRegistration builder has these

method &As<TService1, TService2, TService3>: Autofac.Builder.IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit,TActivatorData,TRegistrationStyle>;
method &As<TService1, TService2>: Autofac.Builder.IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit,TActivatorData,TRegistrationStyle>;
method &As: Autofac.Builder.IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit,TActivatorData,TRegistrationStyle>;

And where would CC know the concrete types from?

I just want it to show

As<TService1, TService2, TService3>
As<TService1, TService2> 

in the dropdown

right. but where do these concrete type names come from?

From the same place that the go to definition gets the information ?