Getting the Ip from the CLIENT

Hi, i am replacing several services in our remote app, with the remoting SDK,

Is there a way to get the ip from a client when it connects to the server, then the server checks this IP in a whitelist database, and if is not found then close the connection gracefully, before the cliente can call any procedure or funcion?

or we can get the ip from where a procedure or functions in the implementation is being call it, from inside the function, so we can response with an better answer from that specific function?

or can we get the ip from the inside the login procedure?

Thanks for your help, one pillar of our security, instead of login to our remote services, we check the ip with the ones allowed for the client, and act instead. we have our own login implementation as an a function that returns a key that has to be send in each call to the server, so our services are 100% stateless and don need for session management.

best regards.

There should be, yes, in one of the various OnConnected events. Which platform are you using for the server, .NET or Delphi?

Hi Marc, i am using Delphi

Thanx. I’m less familiar with that code base, so I might have to leave this to my colleague to answer on Monday.

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