Git with Fire

I miss a few things I miss with Fire IDE.

  • Having to manually create gitignore file
  • Not seeing files greyed out when ignored by git, like in VSCode

Also, should all git handling be done in an external terminal?

Right now Fire purposely has no version control integration, because that’s just one of the many things that bloat most modern IDERs and cause them to be so slow — and personally i believe version control is far better handled by a dedicated tool (i personally use and love Gitbox, even though that’s deprecated/abandonware, at this stage; other good ones for Mac are Tower and GitUp).

I dont know about the ones mentioned but I use github desktop. There is also a visual studio gitignore template that seems to work well with Fire.


i’ll think about non-intrusive ways that won’t affect launch and overall performance to add git support, maybe. No promises.

Maybe placing a gitignore in file root (maybe optionally) would be enough?

Also, handling merge conflicts - would it be done externally with these git tools then? I don’t prefer doing it in terminal

So I forgot it, but Github Desktop prompts opening and resolving conflicts in VSCode

Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 17.19.51