GoogleServices task on Fire?

I moved from Windows/Water to a MacBook/Fire last week, and the Google Services task doesn’t seem to be working for some reason… I tried on .2595 and .2587. In both cases I get a startup crash due to java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on Firebase’s FirebaseInitProvider class. When I inspect the APK, the manifest does not show anything from Firebase in it (normally there are several Firebase services and providers in the final merged manifest).

I guess my first question is, is there any reason this should work on Water and not Fire? Since I was the one who wrote the GoogleServices task, I looked back through it to make sure I didn’t hardcode any Windows-style paths, linebreaks, etc., and I’m not seeing anything like that. Is Fire supposed to support the GoogleServices stuff or was it only added for Water somehow?

Not really, no.

No this is all in EBuild, and the same binary runs whether on Windows or Mac.

But, to be clear what is wring>? the actual CLASS is missing from the apk when yo run ebuild --dump on it? can that seems like a DEX issue, not a Google Services task issue? but I can have a closer look tomorrow — I don’t recall exactly what we did here off-hand, and ';m about to head out for the day, sorry.

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I’m off for the day as well so tomorrow is fine. I’ll have to run ebuild --dump tomorrow. I was getting a different dex error earlier, so there could be something to that. My thought on the Google Services task is that the xml tags for the firebase components are also missing from the manifest. But if both of those are the case, then perhaps it really is a library parsing issue? I’ll look into it tomorrow as well.

Checked this morning and yes, the FirebaseInitProvider class is missing from the --dump list

Ok. What .jar or .dex file is it supposedly in? Can you check thew build logs to see if its (a) gets referenced properly and (b) is passed to dex and apkbuilder properly?

Do you have (otherwise simple) project ic an use to reproduce this, myself?