Gradle problems

(DonaldShimoda) #1

In fire theres some available gradle references, i use that.

But when try to edit UI using Android studio complains about this references .

What im doing wrong?

Must be a gradle archive on my project? Or must let fire to manage gradle?


(marc hoffman) #2

Could be that tis need to be added to the Android Studio project I generate. Can you send me a test case that has an Elements project w/ a gradle reference and the Android Studio designer failing on the missing ref?


(DonaldShimoda) #3

send via email.

Best regards

(marc hoffman) #4

E: Cannot adjust existing dependency from version 25.3.1] to 25.2.0].

that’s the same issue as discussed in Jolyon’s Thread. You have two different packages insisting on a different exact version of

However, due to an oversight/bug in EBuild, this does not actually fail (thats fixed now(, so the project builds fine for me, otherwise.

(DonaldShimoda) #5

My doubt is If it have no impact and the project build just fine why the compiler raise an error and not a warning?
Second: why dont allow me choice a specific version of a package? What happens if i need a specific version of a package and as desogned the compile will always take the latest version?

Best regards.

(marc hoffman) #6

It. was. a. bug.

you can. see the other thread. out ] behind the version number, to disallow it using a newer version.

(DonaldShimoda) #7

Thanks Marc!