Groupdocs.Viewer wrappers

I’m new to Hydra, and mainly bought it because I need to use Groupdocs.Viewer .NET components (.NET, Java, Cloud APIs & Online Document Viewer Apps by GroupDocs) in my Delphi application.

Has any of you written wrappers for those components already that you’re interested in sharing or selling?

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You should be able to write such wrapper by yourself.
Here is a sample of exposing .NET API to a plugin and calling it from a Delphi host: Need a Jumpstart with Delphi XE3 and .NET 2.0 DLL Assemblies Integration - #3 by antonk

Visual plugins can be used in a similar way, see the Delphi WPF sample.

It seems you would need to put the Groupdocs.Viewer component into a WinForms Visual plugin and to expose some of its API via plugin interface.


Hi Anton,
Sure I can, but I need to learn C# and Hydra inner workings first - for a one-time job. So my time would be better spent paying someone who has already done the work (if any) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hints.

I’ve followed up via a PM.