GUI development on Island

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DelphiVCL.fx currently supports Windows and WebAssembly, but
Will you support Linux and Darwin in the future?

Or are you planning a cross platform GUI library in Island?

(xiaoguang) #2

I read the Remobjects blog before, if I remember correctly, they plan to support Cocoa and WPF.

I don’t think they will do a cross platform GUI librarary, this is not their idea of building app.

If you just want to write an app with simple GUI, and can run on Windows/MAC/Linux, maybe Lazarus is a good choice.

(marc hoffman) #3

Delphi VCL, while currently still in early stages and not a “1.0” yet, already supports Win32, HTML and Cocoa as GUI front-ends. We’ll be looking at additional ones, including WPF, down then road.

So this is already “cross-platform” in that you can, in theory, design now DFM (or create the form in code, of course) and have it run and appear with the same layout, on the three platforms. Whether one really should/want to do that is a different matter, of course, personally I still believe UI and UX need to be hand-crafted and tweaked for each platform’s paradigms. This blog post goes a kt into how to do that and still share your GUI code/logic.

More longer term, we are also looking at a more general way to do cross-platform/shared (but native) UI that is not tied specifically to the Delphi/VCL paradigm, but that’s more of a late-2019 or 2020 thing, at this stage.

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thank you everyone.

I like VisualStudio’s productivity and Island’s native compiler and GC.

It doesn’t have to be Delphi VCL, and it doesn’t have to have a designer.
It would be nice to be able to write cross-platform GUI applications with a somewhat uniform API, even if not completely identical code.

I will soon use Island to develop dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux that display simple dialogs.
We will refer to the existing GUI examples, but the code is very different.(WinApi/gtk)
and also need to implement message loop.

I hope this will be mitigated in the future. :wink:

(marc hoffman) #5

yeah, those aren’t meant to be examples of cross platform UI, but rather to illustrate the low level access to each platforms native APIs.

(Paul Berger) #6

Personally I feel a generic cross platform UI framework would be an awesome thing.
Some upside possibly to basing it on VCL if the idea is to tap into Delphi users to grow the base. I think xamarin have been quite clever there.
You have a great set of compiler/ide/platform… surely a universal UI and DB framework is the way to go?

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(Carlo Kok) #7

Agreed. But the important thing here is to do it right. A design for such a thing should be flexible enough to allow for both “shared” guis between platforms but also individual interfaces per platform. As marc said, we do have plans for this, later this/early next year.

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(Paul Berger) #8

ok… hurry up :slight_smile: