Gui Linux

(Mohd Helmi Mohd Shariff) #1

I’m able to build and run Linux(Ubuntu) console app for island project. Can I build Linux gui app on Fire and run it on Linux virtual machine? Can I debug it using Fire?

(Mohd Helmi Mohd Shariff) #2

Any guide or sample so I can build native Linux app? It is ok if I need to copy it manually to Linux vm each time I build it but if it can debug remotely is much better.

(Carlo Kok) #3


we have imports for the GTK+ libraries and a sample included (On Windows in:

C:\users\Public\Documents\RemObjects Samples\RemObjects Oxygene for Island\GUI\Basic Linux Gtk App

Not 100% sure where this is on Fire, but it can also be grabbed from:

The only problem is debugging currently. We somehow need to grab the right “SCREEN” env var, set it before excuting and showing it. We don’t currently support this, but a quick workaround would be to do something like this from a gui terminal:

export | grep SCREEN
This will write something like:
declare -x SCREEN=:1

Then add:
export SCREEN=:1
to ~/.bashrc

(so that it’s set when sshing).