Hang issue in Login function

We have a .NET RO client server architecture that uses a HTTP(S) channel

In the RO client we have a worker thread that pings the server regularly

For this we call the Login function

    var itfLogin = OffCloudServer.CoCloudPharmacyLoginService.Create(roCon.message, roCon.clientChannel);
    return itfLogin.Login(curSessionUser, curSessionPassword);      

However in certain exceptional cases this worker thread hangs in a RO function.
The Read function is blocked indefinately.
In this particular case it occured when I restarted the server process.

We are using a channel with a timeout specified (300000=5 minutes).
Below a screenshot after I attacted a debugger to the client.
Why does our timeout not work?
How can we put a read timeout on the channel to prevent this hang issue?

It looks like the IpHttpClientChannel requires a timeout in seconds instead of milliseconds. I have changed the timeout to 5*60.
This appears to improve the issue.
However I am still able to hang the client if I leave the server in a stopped debug state (=TCP connection alive but unresponsive)

This part seems to be not entirely unexpected?