Hello World Silver in Fire crashes with SIGABRT

I’ve created a new Cocoa console application and just tried to build the single line program containing

writeLn("The magic happens here.")

The message prints but then I get an error in that says

Collecting from unknown thread
!> Fatal exception of type SIGABRT on thread 2251

here is the backtrace

An exception occurred in test1, thread 3F7C



Call Stack:

00007FFF7231933A ___pthread_kill libsystem_kernel.dylib
00007FFF722A0808 _abort libsystem_c.dylib
00000001094FE2C9 _GC_push_all_stacks test1
00000001094FC211 _GC_mark_some test1
00000001094F865D _GC_stopped_mark test1
00000001094F8517 _GC_try_to_collect_inner test1
00000001094F9269 _GC_try_to_collect_general test1
00000001094809C2 UnloadGC test1 (boehmgc.pas, line 410)
000000011587870E __ZN16ImageLoaderMachO13doTerminationERKN11ImageLoader11LinkContextE dyld
000000011585F754 __ZN4dyld24initializeMainExecutableEv dyld
00007FFF7227B13C ___cxa_finalize_ranges libsystem_c.dylib
00007FFF7227B412 _exit libsystem_c.dylib
00007FFF721D1CD0 _start libdyld.dylib

Curious. this is Island/macOS, i suppose from the call stack? i cannot reproduce this here, locally:

Hi Marc thanks for you help again. I’m not sure what I was doing before, I probably messed with some settings or chose the wrong project platform because now I’m having no problems. Regards

I take it back: so for me, a Toffee application compiles fine, but an Island project will not, with Island I get the above error

Very curious. is this with the very latest, .2743? jic, what version on macOS are you on, and what version of Xcode/the macOS SDK are you building against?

Fire v 11.0.2743

I’m on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7, however my Xcode is not up to date, that may be the issue. Currently my SDK is MacOSX10.15 but my Xcode is version 10.0

I don’t believe it should be the issue, but who knows… Unfortunatelty Catalina is pretty old, I myself don’t have a Mac around with it anymore, to test… Can you first try using the latest Xcode still supported on Catalina, and if that fails, is updating the OS or trying on a newer Mac an option?