Help a confused newbie please :)

Hi all,

Trying to get to grips with this and the basic concepts are fine but I’m struggling to wrap my head around how I can access certain classes and component types outside the script.

Basically the script will run within the context of a form which contains components and I need the script to be able to access these components and their properties. The components will sometimes be plain VCL but, more often than not, are DX components or my own sub-classed variations of them.

How can I ‘import’ these components into the script engine so I can access them? I’ve tried to understand some of the documentation and some examples I’ve found but it’s very confusing. It looks like I can manually ‘register’ these types and objects but I can’t see exactly how. Alternatively it looks like I can create import files for them but the importer code included with the Git download is over a decade old and pre-dates Unicode versions of Delphi and won’t compile.

Can anyone help me out here as I’m on a deadline to investigate the feasibility of this. Thanks.

Hi Toby

We found TMS Scripter to be the best pascal scripter product when selecting a scripter to form the core of our major product. We are huge fans of RemObjects, so don’t take this comment as a negative towards the rest of the RO suite of products. The TMS scripter is actively developed and supports lots of things well like int64. You can also adjust it slightly to support interfaced objects if required and it has RTTI support so you don’t always need to create import files for classes if using a newer Delphi version.