High (100%) CPU usage after connection to IIS


(impet) #1

High (100%) CPU usage after connection to IIS site, that is not Remobject Server.
Maybe bug will reproduce on other Web servers.

For test you can use your MegaClient for .NET to tcp://www.remobjects.com:80/bin as example.

I tested with
2008 R2, 2012 R2;

Looks like bug is not reproduced, when PC/server is under NAT. Only when server/pc direct connected to the internet or IIS in local network.

(antonk) #2


Thanks for reporting this. Could you run thee client app under profiler to find out which exactly method gives the 100% CPU load?

Thanks in advance

(impet) #3

Function Name Inclusive Samples Exclusive Samples Inclusive Samples % Exclusive Samples % Module Name
RemObjects.InternetPack.Connection.DataSocketReceiveWhatsAvaiable 3,999 6 81.70 0.12 RemObjects.InternetPack.dll

Function Name Exclusive Samples Exclusive Samples % Inclusive Samples Inclusive Samples % Source Line Begin Source Character Begin Source Line End Source Character End
[System.ni.dll] 4,015 82.02 4,015 82.02 0 0 0 0

Failed to load symbols for C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC_MSIL\RemObjects.InternetPack\

(impet) #4

Function Name RemObjects.InternetPack.Connection.DataSocketReceiveWhatsAvaiable
Inclusive Samples 3,999
Exclusive Samples 6
Inclusive Samples % 81.70
Exclusive Samples % 0.12
Module Name RemObjects.InternetPack.dll

Function Name [System.ni.dll]
Exclusive Samples 4,015
Exclusive Samples % 82.02
Inclusive Samples 4,015
Inclusive Samples % 82.02

(impet) #5

->public virtual int Sum(int A, int B)
@__LocalMessage.InitializeRequestMessage(@__ClientChannel, “MegaDemoLibrary”, @__GetActiveInterfaceName(), “Sum”);
@__LocalMessage.WriteInt32(“A”, A);
@__LocalMessage.WriteInt32(“B”, B);
freeze -> @__ClientChannel.Dispatch(@__LocalMessage);

(RemObjects) #6

Thanks, logged as bugs://76336

(impet) #7

Hi, Any news? I’ve tested with newest Bug is reproduced.

This problem is very actual for us, because our Application work as Service and accumulate data from other Servers on different users sides. Any user can change port forwarding from RO server to their IIS by mistake, so one or more CPUs on our server are going to High (100%) state. We detect this situation, stop connection to this user as temp solution, notify users about wrong port mapping, wait answer, check port forwarding, restore connection to user.
It is very uncomfortable. When this bug starts to be used specifically, this will be the end.

(antonk) #8


sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you please send a mail to support@ ?
We’ll provide you a fixed build (unfortunately the fix didn’t pass to the release build because it needed more testing)


(RemObjects) #9

bugs://76336 got closed with status fixed.

(impet) #10

Version 9.2.103 (Build .1311) is ok. Thx