High memory usage


I am experiencing a quite high memory usage with Water.

In the end all memory is in use, and the system gets unresponsive, so I have to remember to restart Water once in a while.

This also slows down debugging.

Today Water is currently using around 5 GB RAM, yesterday it was 8 GB.

Is this a known issue?


It certainly is not, no. Does this show with any project (e.g. even a small simple one) or only a specific bigger project? Can you pin down what actions can the memory to increase (debugging, building, editing)?

Keeping in mind also that for .NET, you cannot judge actual memory by what Task Man ager is reporting, as the runtime will hang on to “freed” memory for future use (but give it up if other processes use it). That said, if you’re experiencing slowdowns, than it most likely is a real leak.

Currently I only work with medium/larger projects.

I use search a lot. I notice that it searches in all project files when I search.
Otherwise I code/run/debug/repeat.

Have not really noticed what causes it.

I seems to happen in most projects.

It slowly increases through the day, but I can keep an eye out for when it increases.

Actually, I just tried using menu Open recent and switch between the same two medium/large projects several times.

In this way RAM increases each time, so in this way I can quickly build up a large RAM consumption.

So, I guess the problem has to do with switching between solutions.

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I just switched between two projects 10 times, and now RAM consumption is 4 GB. From 1.6 GB before.


Thanx, that gives me something to look at.

Just for fun, can you try to avoid doing that for a day or two, and religiously close Water and/or start a new instance when switching projects,. and see if everything is fine then, or if memory issue within single solution is still an issue for you, over time?


Ok. I will try that.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://84116