"Host" and Android service created in Delphi?

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We are working on an application that uses HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript for the user interface with Delphi code in the back end. The web pages are served up by a RealThinClient web server in the Delphi application and XML-RPC is used by JavaScript to execute functions, retrieve data, etc.

Unfortunately their TWebBrowser control does not obey Z-Order on Android devices and that is causing all sorts of problems.

I’ve created a test project with Elements (C#, Android) and added a WebView to the Android Activity which properly displays the web page. For testing purposes the web page is hosted on a Windows PC with IIS.

I’m hoping that we can salvage months worth of work by creating a Local Android Service Application in Delphi to host the RealThinClient web / XML-RPC server, then “host” this service in the application that I created using Elements / C#.

Does anyone know if such a thing is possible? And if so, how does one go about it?

Thank you!

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I’ve gotten no replies to this, so how about a generalization?

Is it possible to use an android service from an elements application (Oxygene targeting Java / Android for instance)?