How do I access the remote endpoint (ip address) for a Super HTTPS RO connection?

For an IpHttpServerChannelbased HTTP server I can do something like
string remoteAddress = (this.ServerChannel as IpHttpServerChannelInfo)?.RemoteEndPoint?.Address?.ToString() ?? string.Empty;
in a call to get the IP address.

How do I access to RemoteEndpoint for a IpSuperHttpServerChannel based server?

The this.ServerChannel has a RemoteEndpoint property but I need a cast and the class itself is protected so below statement does not compile
var channel = (this.ServerChannel as RemObjects.SDK.Server.SuperHttpServerChannel.SuperHttpRequestQueueItem);
var endpoint=channel.RemoteEndpoint;


This class implements the RemObjects.SDK.Server.INetworkServerChannelInfo interface. You need to use this interface as a cast target instead of a concrete class.

That said, you could use this interface instead of IpHttpServerChannelInfo as well - this would make the code more reusable.


This works, thanks