How do I add Sugar reference to .Net project?

I can make a Java app and just add a reference and Sugar is a choice. But if I make a WPF project and try to add a reference, I can’t find any place that has Sugar.

… time passes …

I think I’ve found it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Elements\Echoes\Reference Assemblies

Are you saying it’s missing from the Add References dialog?

Ok, I was confused a little. When I made the Java app and did an “Add References”, the name Sugar was right in list of jars and did not include any RemObjects in its naming). When I made the WPF app and did the “Add References”, I have to go to Extensions, and ALSO (and this is the part that I missed because there were like a billion assemblies listed) looked for Sugar, it wasn’t there. But just now I looked for RemObjects Sugar, I see it. So I guess it was there before. Not sure. Maybe it is only there now because I added it manually earlier.

In fact, there are TWO RemObjects Sugar entries that say they are both the same version and file version. Maybe one was there originally and the second one is there now because I added it manually to a project before. Odd. But at least I now know WHAT to look for and WHERE to look for it if I need it again.