How do I convert WPF application to MacOS

We have a desktop application for windows OS build in WPF, we were searching around to convert it for MacOS and found RemObject Element.
We’ve explored it a little bit and curious about either it can do this job or not.
Our goal is to convert or create a executable for MacOS of our current windows application.
We also played around the Conversion tool of RemObject to convert the C# to Swift but it only change the syntax and leave the rest as it is which it does not aware of.
Any help regarding to the clear path will be appreciable.


check out these blog posts for some ideas to get started:


Thanks for your continuous support.

We have now successfully run the calculator example on both Windows and Mac.
My next question is that how does the final setup for Mac and Windows looks like. I mean currently in development environment as per my understanding and as per logs. It download the app from Windows to Mac OS and then it execute the application. But for production deployment, how does the final setup shall looks like. Can you share some information about it?

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You can just zip up the “” bundle (folder) created during build, and deploy that.

when Calculater.osx example was run using cross made a folder on
this path “/Users/Admin/Library/Application Support/RemObjects Software/EBuild/CrossBox/Clients/DESKTOP-IIEB/F8A92B5E4E53947359424E096C76278C3CEFB782/Toffee-macOS/.” and launch Calculater.osx app.we copied Toffee-masOS folder on anothe
mac machine,for checking wetather it runs or not, it gave following error

Apple is very strict with deployment these days. You will need to sign and notarize your applications, to deploy them to other machines.

Code signing we support as part of the toolchain — just set a certificate name pin project settings. You will also need to enable the hardened runtime, of you want to notarize.

Notarization itself is outside of thew scope of what EBuild does for you, but I wrote about it a bit, here: Enabling Notarization for your Mac apps for macOS Catalina..

Note that with the recent tool chain, Apple has made improvements to the notarization APIs to make it less asynchronous so I might look at adding that as a supported build stop in EBuild, in the future (but I’m still not sure if that makes sense, because async or not, this is a process that uploads a lot of data to a server, and will wait for potentially tens of minutes for a response, so I;m not sure if thats a good fit to be done as part of a regular project build (even if only for Release)…

Oh: Apples official docs for this are here: Apple Developer Documentation