How do I use Oxygene with Visual Studio 2022?

I sent an email to support:
I am still using (Oxygene) version with Visual Studio 2013 but want to use a more recent version of Visual Studio. Will that version work with newer versions of Visual Studio or Visual Studio 2022 Community edition?

and got the following answer:

Elements 8 licenses were perpetual, so the current license should work fine for these projects, if you don’t want to upgrade/renew.


I don’t see how to create/add projects or use Oxygene templates in Visual Studio 2022.

Oxygene 8 shipped in 2016, it will not work with Visual Studio 2022, which was released half a decade later. You will need to upgrade to the latest Oxygene 11 to use a newer version of Visual Studio.

Oxygene 8 will continue working indefinitely, but only with the feature set and IDE support it had in 2016 — so in Visual Studio 2013 and (probably) 2015.