How do you use DAServerLog?

Would like to know how to use the DAServerLog component. Nothing found in documentation or examples. Using Delphi - DataAbstract.

Have the DAServerLog placed on the Server DataModule. Have added events but get no results on any of the events.

Would like to use some type of logging on the server to catch what is going on and store off to the database so that we can log in and view activity.

And how do you make a dataset call from the Server DataModule? Such as for the purpose of storing a log event.

Thanks ahead of time.
Bill Brittain


You need to take a look at LocalDataAdapter. It provides data access infrastructure on the server side.

I’ll log an issue to check why it does not work and to add some documentation for this component

Thanks, logged as bugs://84735


this class is used for manual logging, i.e. user should manually call AddSessionLog/AddSQLCommandLog/AddSQLErrorLog methods.
this class provides some helpful methods like exporting/finding/filtering entries, etc