How TDAMemDataTable uses the Filter and Filtered properties when opening it?

I have a relatively big master table with several big detail tables.
My customers won’t be interested in all rows in the master table, so loading all the records from the detail tables is unnecessary.
After selecting a master row, I want to load the details for that row by using a filter like ‘MasterID = %d’.
At design time, I can see that the table is fully loaded, and the filtering process happens client-side.
Should I avoid using TDAMemDataTable and use some other component (like a query) or DASQL?
If I use DASQL, I will lose the design time ability to configure data controls like the TDBGrid.


I can recommend to play with table.MasterOptions.

It has moAllInOneFetch option allows to download details data in the same request when master table is opened.